How to see a quick overview.
  1. Log into your account and click on the Overview tab on the menu.  Here you will see the following:
    • Total referrals
    • Paid referrals
    • Unpaid referrals
    • Total transactions
    • Your earnings to date (total transactions)
    • You current balance
How to see reports in your affiliate account.
  1. Log into your account and hover the Overall tab on the menu. You have 4 options: Overall, Traffic Log, Campaign Reports or Referral History.

  2. Overall
    • See the overall visits from your referrals. You can also see a list of your achievements
  3. Traffic Log
    • Use the link generator to create an alternate affiliate link from our website using your created campaign
    • See a breakdown of which referral URL, browser, device, date made up your traffic and if any were converted
  4. Campaign Reports
    • Show how many unique visits, total visits and referrals per campaign created
  5. Referral History
    • See a break down of your referrals. You can see the amount you will be rewarded as well as the payment status
  6. A periodic report will be sent to you which will include the following information. You can select how frequently you would like to receive the report under the notifications tab.

      • visits
      • total referrals
      • earnings
      • verified referrals
      • unverified referrals
      • refuse referrals

Report Samples

Coming Soon.
  1. Sample Report

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