Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. is publicly traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “LQID”. Please click here for more information.
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Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. is publicly traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “LQID”. Please click here for more information.
ah review
app advice review
cult of the mac review
igeek blog review
Meta Park Pass Logo
Interoperable digital identity for Web3

Part of the Liquid Avatar Mobile App, the Meta Park Pass is the W3C verifiable credentials designed for interoperability.

Interoperability allows the holder of digital identity to use the same credentials at different website logins, metaverse and other destinations

The Meta Park Pass contains a verified phone number with country code and an AI reviewed self-attested age and can be expanded to include other unique credentials.

What’s A Liquid Avatar?

Show The World Who You Are®

A Liquid Avatar is a high quality, biometric and blockchain secured online version of you! Now when you go online, you can easily and securely provide who you are and share only the information that you want to share with others.

You can also use different Avatars for each facet of your personality. Choose different avatars for different groups like, family, friends, school, business, social media, and others.
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How Liquid Avatars work

A Liquid Avatar is a multi-layered, visual technology icon or token that contains information that can be linked, authenticated and shared. When you share a Liquid Avatar, you automatically attach public data and allow permission-based private data to be authenticated.

Carnival of Verifiable Credentials

A place to test your verified credentials

Chose a workflow to test your credentials! If you do not have the Liquid Avatar Mobile App, you can download it in the Apple App Store or Google Play


Metaverse and Gaming




Identity Verification


Age Verification

Verifiable Credentials Offered in the Liquid Avatar App

Access Credentials

Meta Park Pass TM carnival of credentials, lost kingdom of t’sara

Identity Credentials

email, phone, drivers license, age verification, passport

Accreditation Credentials

diploma, certifications, work credentials

Health & wellness

testing lab credentials

Built to an Open-Standard

Our technology stack is based on standards from:

  • The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

  • The Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF)

  • The Metaverse Standards Forum

  • Trust Over IP Foundation

  • OpenID Connect

  • CARDEA LF Public Health

The Liquid Avatar Locker

The Liquid Avatar Locker is the place where you can store and manage your Avatars. You can add, change and update you Avatars for each profile you create.

In addition to your FREE Liquid Avatars you create, you can purchase new and exciting avatars in the Liquid Avatar Marketplace.

Controlling Your Private Data

Liquid Avatar provides you with the tools to set permissions and control your private data, potentially reducing any opportunity for digital identity fraud. Read more

Digital Wallets

With more and more online services and new identity verified opportunities, Liquid Avatar provides our users with the ability to use our Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) wallets and services that are interoperable with all Trust over IP open standards. We’re also working on ways to bring other, non-interoperable wallets to Liquid Avatar and allow our users access to 3rd party proprietary services.

Cloud-based Biometric Verification

Only you are you, and we want to make sure that you, or in the future, another designated individual, are the only people that have access to your information, credentials, wallets and Liquid Avatar icons.

Our cloud-based biometric verification starts with facial recognition and supports most camera enabled devices. Even if your device is lost, damaged or compromised, your identity and data is safe.

Your password is your biometrics - the new Web3 access

Verifiable Access and Verifiable Identity Credentials

With Self Sovereign Identity and Liquid Avatar’s verified identity services, we are partnering with ecosystems that are creating Verifiable access and identity credentials that will empower our users to be able to:

  • Prove access to venues and events and when necessary
  • Provide Verifiable identity credentials that are connected to your Liquid Avatar verified bank-grade identity and our biometric solutions
  • Deliver identity solutions that can prove that you and other key attributes for government and healthcare services, eCommerce verification, education and other services where it’s important to know that only you have access to these opportunities.

Verifiable Access and Identity Credentials

Organizing and providing proof of identity, records and status can be challenging. Using handwritten documents or cards can be difficult to manage and easy to lose.

Paper and card-based evidence of COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, healthcare and other important information may not enough in today’s digital economy as these may be not secure, are easily counterfeited, and present challenges for digital security protocols and workflows.

Liquid Avatar provides users, at no cost, with the digital tools and services to create, manage and control their biometric based, Self Sovereign Identity, prove vaccination and healthcare records and other verifiable access and identity credentials. With Liquid Avatar, you can use your mobile phone, tablet, or computer to receive, manage, control, and share credentials about you, your vaccinations and other verified access and identity credentials. Individuals can share what they want, when they want, and with whom they want.

One of a Kind

Liquid Avatars are secured by a proprietary Digital Certificate of Authenticity through Blockchain based technologies. This process allows unique ownership of a Liquid Avatar icons, allowing users to potentially collect, trade and sell certain icon designs while maintaining control over their usage.

Trusting Liquid Avatar to support your Digital Identity

We know that your personal information and data is important to you and we respect your right to ownership, privacy, and control. Liquid Avatar has developed solutions that use the latest biometric, blockchain and other technologies to put the control of your digital identity and data in your hands. We never sell or rent data and any offers we bring to you are based on permission-based aggregated public information, keeping your private data with you, where it belongs.


Why Digital and Self Sovereign Identity Matters

Our identity is who we are, and each of us should own, manage, and control our online identity and its use. Your Liquid Avatar is part of a global ecosystem that supports the verification and creation of a digital or Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) where the user, not corporations or other parties, own your information. With an SSI, a user can control things like your digital credentials, online passwords, and currency wallets, in order to prove who you are as simply as you do in the real world.


Join Our Verified Community

Every Liquid Avatar belongs to a real person and when you create your Liquid Avatar, you become part of a global community of verified and known users.

As part of our trusted network, Liquid Avatars can help reduce spam, identity fraud and increase engagement value with brands, social networks, games and other community participants.

There’s way more to Liquid Avatars

As part of the Liquid Avatar community, users have the opportunity to participate, on a permission basis, in all kinds of online activities like exclusive offers, cash back, rewards and loyalty opportunities with online games, social media and entertainment sites, retailers and more.

Liquid Avatars for Business

Liquid Avatars are not just for consumers. Businesses can create and manage their own “fleet” of Liquid Avatars.

Liquid Avatars can support corporate goals and objectives by providing opportunities to create faster, better and more effective engagement with users.

Join the growing Liquid Avatar community and receive access to verified users and begin to monetize your network outside of your business.

Liquid Avatar Marketplace

The Liquid Avatar Marketplace is a destination where Liquid Avatar users can buy, sell and trade custom digital icons complete with Digital Certificates of Authenticity. Liquid Avatar users can also get their favorite Liquid Avatar icons on a wide range of items like T-shirts, Hoodies, Water Bottles and more!

Click here to visit the Liquid Avatar Marketplace today!

Publishers, Social Networks and Affinity Groups

Liquid Avatar has solutions for online publishers, social networks and other groups that want to promote their networks to new and existing subscribers and authenticate their users to make sure they are verified consumers.

This process can reduce bots and other malicious actors to ensure content and data responsibility.

Liquid Avatar also has unique programs that can expand network engagement, loyalty and revenue opportunities.

Augmented Reality

Liquid Avatar brings the exciting world of Augmented Reality to your mobile device. Immerse your Liquid Avatar into new experiences like online events, virtual discounts and special merchant promotions, eLearning, virtual tourism, GPS activities and information and more!

Augmented Reality

Liquid Avatar brings the exciting world of Augmented Reality to your mobile device. Immerse your Liquid Avatar into new experiences like online events, virtual discounts and special merchant promotions, eLearning, virtual tourism, GPS activities and information and more!

Want to Learn More?

We’re here to answer all your questions about Liquid Avatar. Whether you’re a user, a business or prospective network partner, Liquid Avatar has an online solution for you.

Show The World Who You Are®

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